Collections in context

Archivist is a collections management company dedicated to the care of art collections through cataloguing, maintenance and appraisal. Our primary goal is to elevate the standard of collecting in the Philippines by encouraging collectors to recognize and properly preserve an artwork’s physical, aesthetic, historical, financial, and sentimental value in order to sustain it’s legacy.

We feel it’s important for collectors to stay connected to the art in their possession, and the first step to this is being thoroughly acquainted with each piece: going in depth to understand the history behind the art and the artist, explaining materials used and what they entail in terms of maintenance, as well as studying past and current markets for monetary value. We believe having as much knowledge as they can about their art will help create a deeper appreciation of them and art in general.

We believe this is a step towards cultivating a healthier art market in the country, as pieces would retain their quality and market value. Also, building on art appreciation could fuel collectors in their buying and selling efforts as well, helping them invest wisely and expand their interests to extend to different spheres of the art market.




The Archivist Team (from left to right): Danielle Ongsiako Isabela, Reggie Aquino Diano, and Kristoffer del Villar

The Archivist Team (from left to right): Danielle Ongsiako Isabela, Reggie Aquino Diano, and Kristoffer del Villar

Our team has experience working in the art industry, which has given us exposure to the local art market, trends, and personalities, as well as insights on how collectors think, and what their wants, needs, and interests are.

Regina Aquino Diano, Managing Director

Reggie has experience working in publishing, art advisory, and museums, which has adapted her to fast paced lifestyles and solidified her efficiency, organization, and leadership skills. Experience abroad paired with her consistently keeping up to date with trends and events has also given her an awareness and means for comparison of local and international standards.

Kristoffer del Villar, Associate Director

Kristoffer has accumulated a wide range of experience in different fields beyond his expertise in art. A constant thirst for knowledge and involvement in safety and logistics departments have made him knowledgeable and well-trained in the proper handling of items, and his adaptability and communication skills have helped him establish many good relationships with different individuals.

Danielle Ongsiako Isabela, Associate Director

Danielle has dabbled in different fields of art, having studied Architecture and Interior Design, online courses at Sotheby’s on auctions and art writing, and working on art and graphic design projects – which have all contributed to her creativity and perceptiveness. She also has experience handling events, social media, and marketing work, which has given her an understanding of public relations.