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Artinformal: Veronica Pee / Christina Quisimbing Ramilo / Mawen Ong

  • Artinformal 2316 Chino Roces Avenue Makati, NCR, 1231 Philippines (map)

Veronica Pee
“even empty space is curved”; Veronica Pee will be showing a new series of objects as sculpture interpretations of the theory that space-time fabric holds the universe together.

Christina Quisumbing Ramilo
Verses Reverse speaks of futility and a general sense of disconnect and how the power / danger of speech and oral tradition that is referenced so much in biblical text resonates with the present milieu.

Mawen Ong
Mawen Ong’s solo exhibition ‘Coming into the Nearness of Distance’ is a journey towards a clearing space, a 'field of awareness', as described by Heidegger in his imaginary philosophical conversations on essentially what it means to be. This existential insight, which is also present in Buddhist thought, underscores much of Mawen’s photographic works. By layering and repeating images of her subject, she opens up a space where everything can be gathered and returned to its origin, in order to come to terms with itself.