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Artinformal: A View of Dawn in the Tropics / Somewhere, Anywhere / The Longest Night

  • Artinformal C1 Karrivin Plaza, 2316 Chino Roces Ave. Ext., 1630 Makati City Philippines (map)


Exhibition will run until Dec 15 2018.

A View of Dawn in the Tropics
Luis Antonio Santos

In “A View of Dawn in the Tropics,” artist Luis Santos explores the vital dynamic between image, place and history. Citing Cuban writer, screenwriter, and critic Guillermo Cabrera Infante and appropriating the title of his well-known novel, Santos draws on parallelisms between two similar histories – one is our own while the other, oddly enough, is a work of fiction. The artist’s impulse to act out complex processes on a specific image only reveals Santos’ understanding of its power. In this case, an image of a certain place could and must trigger remembrances of that place represented. In the artist’s brilliant take, it is possible for him to change gears and shift through ingenious and varied modes of reproducing images that make for reconstituted conclusions in different emotional ranges all the more possible.

Words by Jonathan Olazo

Somewhere, Anywhere
Zean Cabangis

Zean Cabangis continues his forays into being with his show “Somewhere, Anywhere.” Investigating locality as both a place and a non-place, Cabangis delves into the digital and the physical - how we are everywhere but also nowhere. He further examines this through his process wherein digital manipulation and actual painting is applied - depicting an era where everyone is lost and wants to go somewhere, albeit without knowing where they really want to be.

The Longest Night
Lena Cobangbang

During the winter solstice, nights are longer. Reykjavik in Iceland had only about 4 hours of sunlight on December 21, 2014. Most Scandinavian countries had similar dismal sun hours. In fictionalized Barrow, Alaska, the town is blanketed by snowstorms and a month of sunlessness turned the town into a virtual ghost town or rather a hunting ground for nocturnal hemovores.

Night is dark, dark is night, is void, is blankness, is blackness, is sleep, is repose, is listlessness, is lightlessness, of shadows long and short, of beasts under beds, of lurkers by windowsills, of uncertainties and fears, of velvet and silk, of transgressions and emissions, of terrors and tremors, of quietude and plenitude, of 40 wishes of a parallel existence, 40 versions encased in REM reveries.

Night in 1000 frames, in 1000 renditions of lightless skies, intercepted by glimpses of ineffable sparks of bright, night stretched and compressed as animated strobic pulses or as strips of black on a wall.

Words by Lena Cobangbang