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MO_Space: A Mubble in a Pubble / IN THE DARK

  • MO_Space B2 Mos Design, Bonifacio High Street Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila Philippines (map)

A Mubble in a Pubble
Yasmin Sison

A spirit of boundless play permeates Yasmin Sison’s A Mubble in a Pubble, brought by a wide variety of works that seem to have spilled out of a child’s toy box.

With a takeoff from Ruth Krauss’ classic 1950s children’s book I Can Fly, where a young girl asserts how she can be anything she wants to be: “A cow can moo, I can too…Pitter pitter pat, I can walk like a cat,” Sison allows others to participate in her process with dialogues of freedom and looseness; color and form; softness and hardness; and abstraction and figuration, made tactile by collages meant to be finished by viewers, as well as movable paintings and sculptures.

Together with shaped objects, fabric works, and paintings, Sison continues to cherish childlike wonder, and at the same time encourages her viewers to play alongside her, to fly with their imagination, to recapture that part of every person that only needs their intuition to overcome limitations.

– Koki Lxx

Gail Vicente

It is hard to tell where reality ends and illusion begins. Exploring the paths that connect our inner and outer sights, the exhibition records the transitions that take place during a specific biorhythmic setting. Within this zone, activities like automatic painting, meditating, forming new habits manifest. Exercises were made on translating something hard to translate such as an aura in painting, visual vibrations, and the awareness that a moment passes with every stroke. Projecting these visions is like going on a trip. Take a moment to reflect on the things that are not there physically. Make sure you are not echoing old tricks to get new results. Look for a link, a crack, a gap; look for that space where reality and illusion blends and separates.