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How to make your art collection more meaningful

by: Zofiya Acosta

How do you make sure that an artwork is going to last? Archivist offers a simple answer: You archive it.

Art only really matters once it’s been archived. Or, more appropriately: art is brought into public consciousness when there’s a record of it. You hear about people discovering a rare piece of art every now and then, and usually, you don’t really think about where those pieces came from.

The thing is, a lot of times those “newly discovered pieces” were just collecting dust at some random person’s house somewhere. It’s not that that piece of work stopped existing, it’s just that no one bothered to keep a record of it. Even in worst case scenarios, like when the piece of art itself is destroyed, its existence is still committed into cultural memory once it’s archived. If you must, we know about the Library of Alexandria and the works that were burned with it because of the historical records that showed that.

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