The Philippine Daily Inquirer features Archivist!

A First: Pro Archivist to Catalog Your Art Collection

Rina Silayan Go

Philippine Daily Inquirer, Published on September 7, 2019

In the local art scene, a most welcome new service is one that is provided by a pioneering group called Archivist, headed by Regina Aquino Diano, Danielle Ongsiako Isabela and Kristoffer del Villar.

Archivist is a collections management company dedicated to the aesthetic, historical, financial and sentimental value of art in order to sustain its legacy.

Archivist’s service includes physical art cataloging, maintenance and appraisal. The primary goal is to elevate the standard of collecting.

Archivist is flexible and can tailor-fit its services to the individual needs of each client.

“We feel it’s important for collectors to stay connected to the art in their possession, and the first step to this is being thoroughly acquainted with each piece: going in depth to understand the history behind the art and the artist,” explains Isabela. “We analyze the materials used and what they entail in terms of maintenance.”

Isabela adds: “We study past and current markets for monetary value. We believe having as much knowledge as they can about their art will help create a deeper appreciation of them and art in general.”

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